Often, client projects require either more bandwidth that I can provide, or expertise and experience that I lack.  In those cases I work with a variety of partners to provide the needed resources and skills.

I invite you to review some of the partners listed below, and check out their websites for some excellent resources to help you in your innovation efforts.

With Don Ross, President and Founder of Innovare Inc., I developed Vocal Insights, a program of ethnographic customer visits which is the basis for understanding customers and markets, identifying opportunities for innovation, and coming up with concepts for development.  Check out this video for a view of our work with Pearson Education.

Vocal Insights at Pearson Education

In addition to Pearson Education, Don Ross and I conducted Vocal Insights projects at Praxair, Pilgrim Health, and Colony Homes.  In several of those companies we complemented Vocal Insights with Don’s front end process which brings technology and market knowledge to the team before moving on to concept generation.

Steven Haines introduces companies to the intricacies of product line planning and product management.  Author of  The Product Manager’s Desk Reference (McGraw-Hill, 2008),  Steven has an extremely well-rounded view of product management, linking it to the upfront stages of innovation as well as to the P&L issues of products in the market.

I have taught courses in understanding customer needs for Sequent, and have helped to deliver their basic courses in product management.  I met Steve through William Ausura, who was co-founder of Sequent Learning and who taught me more than I taught him when I worked with him on Portfolio Management at Lucent.  Bill died, way too early, in 2005, and left us all the poorer for his absence.


I am an Executive Coach with Innovation Guides, a small consulting company dedicated to supporting not-for- profit organizations in successful innovation.  Along with Robin Karol, my co-author on the Dummies book, and Richard Tait, an experienced consultant in innovation, we believe that:

The role of the Innovation Guide is to facilitate or guide the organization, introduce materials, and assist when needed, and only when needed. We inject innovation management knowledge and process tools only when that is required and productive. Existing processes are carefully observed so that the company’s strengths are enhanced and used more consistently. This helps to create a learning environment that promotes innovation in the entire organization. By making use of the organization’s strengths, we accelerate learning curves and improve performance across the innovation and new product development processes of the organization.