Audit and Agenda for Action

  • Where are you in your innovation journey? Take an ecumenical audit that will enable you to identify your organization’s strengths and gaps.
  • Agenda for Action. Based on the audit results, set an “agenda for action” that will help you to plan innovation improvement efforts.
Consultation in innovation
  • Exploring markets, understanding customers. Creating networks of lead users. Planning and executing ethnographic customer visits. Integrating market knowledge into innovation strategies.
  • Mapping technology. Linking internal technology resources. Exploring external technologies. Recognizing and mapping technology trends.
  • Product line planning. Identifying and mapping product lines. Assessing product line strengths and weaknesses. Spotting opportunities for innovation.
  • Portfolio management. Generating portfolio criteria. Establishing portfolio templates. Connecting portfolio decisions to innovation strategy and phase/ review decisions.
  • Creating solution concepts. Unleashing the creativity of the organization. Creating and building a storehouse of valid opportunities. Building business cases. Using customer input to define solutions.
  • Pipeline management. Understanding the consequences of pipeline resource management. Designing simple methods for managing pipeline resources. Tying portfolio and pipeline decisions.
  • Phase/review implementation. Optimizing cross-functional teaming. Getting reviews to work. Linking reviews to portfolio and pipeline planning.
Expert Innovation Coaching
  • Bring me on as a partner in your innovation project. Use your internal expertise to shape the project with my contribution only as needed. Be confident that innovation projects and process improvement will align with your history, your strengths, your culture.
  • Facilitation of meetings and workshops. Specialties include strategic planning, creativity and concept generation. Team building and improved decision making are lasting side effects of my facilitative style.
  • Facilitation of intercompany learning networks. Check my website for upcoming programs; contact me to design a workshop to meet your needs.
Teaching and Training
  • Include explicit teaching and training as a part of any consultation, facilitation, or coaching project.
  • Design specific teaching and training to meet the needs of your organization.